Introducing Invisible Bob (AKA Podcast time!)

Bob's toilet. Photoshopped to look haunted. With ghostly rubber duckys. Because I can.

Bob’s toilet. Photoshopped to look haunted. With ghostly rubber duckies. Because I can.

So this is something new I’m trying. (Or tried.) Whether Bob and I come back to talk to ourselves another day is yet to be seen, but for now here it is: the very first podcast of Aly and Invisible Bob. Which could also be known as Aly spent a long time sitting on her bathroom floor basically talking to her toilet. Because, yeah, apparently, that’s my life.

[audio ]

Segment Guide (With times in case you want to listen to some, but not all)

Intro: 0:00

Geek Out: 1:13
Today’s Topic: Video Games

  • Fire Emblem: Awakening 1:30
  • Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning 2:55
  • Neverwinter 3:50

Amateur Therapy Hour: 5:25
Today’s Topic: Communication: Empathy Vs. Problem Solving

Ask Bob! (and wrap up) 12:33

Adding a transcript is definitely on my to-do list, but if that’s something you are interested in sooner, let me know and I’ll bump it up the list.

Here’s the music/sound effect credits. All were used under the creative commons attribution license and found on

Success: grunz (Creative Commons)

news jingle- news end signature – mansardian (Creative Commons)

rhodes045- Corsica_S (Creative Commons)

Gerad-Adam piano detuned – thanvannispen (creative commons)

Aly and Invisible Bob is definitely a work in progress. If there was something about it you liked, or didn’t like, if there was something you thought I should have done or have segment ideas, let me know! Also let me know if this podcast is something you think I should do more of.

For now, this is Aly, finally stopping stalking her toilet in hopes of recording better noises.

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