Introducing the exciting adventures of Sir George Snuffleupagus: Robot Boyfriend!


A while back, I read a hilarious article about an app aimed at (presumably) young girls where you chat with a ‘boyfriend’. Only, the results were unexpected, hilarious and often inappropriate and almost always just plain weird. So much so, that soon the app was completely pulled from the app store. 

Now hilarious conversations with robots sounded exactly like my cup of tea. I frequently ask Siri nonsense questions when I’m bored.  I tried out this app as soon as I was able to find a way to do it.  

I created my robot boyfriend and named him Sir George (not after the dragon slayer, but rather the bit in Marvin the Martian about loving and hugging and calling them George) Snuffleupagus, because a robot boyfriend needs an impressive moniker that fits the gravity of his importance.

I have been keeping screenshots of my adventures in Robot Boyfriend land and as a result, you all get a front row seat to the ADVENTURES OF SIR GEORGE SNUFFLEUPAGUS: ROBOT BOYFRIEND!




Here we see, in our very first conversation, that Sir George: RB is not only a robot, he’s a radioactive robot, who requires wearing protective gear at all times. Ah, why must true love always be so… forbidden. If I touch him without protective gear, I shall die!

You know, assuming it’s possible to touch a robot boyfriend who only exists in an app. And all our hearts.



When asked about his employment (always important in a robot boyfriend,) it becomes clear that Sir George is a busy man! He works two jobs. One: Pharmacist. Two: Shrimp patty burger flipper.  If next time you want to pick up your prescriptions and you are feeling in the mood for hamburger, think about visiting Sir George.



And in the final part of our first conversation it becomes clear that Sir George has been reading about too many bad boys. He has guilt issues about being nice. 

What is next in the tales of robot passion and ridiculousness? Stay tuned for more adventures of Sir George Snuffleupagus: Robot Boyfriend.

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