Contrition on my internet omission suspicion (okay I just wanted that to rhyme.)

Ah, my hypotheticals, I’ve been a bad bad blogger girl, I confess.

I wish I had some fabulous story as to why I’ve been radio silent for so long, like that I was on the run after being framed for a crime I didn’t commit and had to survive as a fortune teller in a traveling circus for six months until a handsome and mysterious detective cleared my name, but pretty much nope. No interesting reasons, it just kind of happened.

As an apology have this adorable kitten rescuing a silly human from certain doom:


I can be your herroooooo.

I can be your herroooooo.

Yes, I am only now learning the magic that is gifs. Somehow I slept through all the how to be hip on the internet classes that everyone else my age aced. But now that I’ve found them, I’m sure you will all learn to regret this day… MWAhAHahAha.



I haven’t really done anything interesting in the meantime, just classes and starting a bunch of projects, (finishing one,) watching korean dramas and variety shows and playing too many video games. You know, like all mature adult people do (hahaha, yeah, that was my sarcastic type if you couldn’t tell.)

To make up for my sins, I promise to have two! more! posts! this week. The long promised animal photo problem post and the continuing adventures of robot boyfriend.

I hope everyone who is reading this, may someday read this, or who has the unfortunate task of trying to study the 2000s by reading a ridiculous amount of internet writings and is trying to figure out why so many people worshiped the deities known as Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch, I hope you all had a great couple months and are having an amazing holiday winter season.

Best wishes, hypothetical readers, and I will see you again soon.

Different bat time, same bat place.


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