The Continued Adventures of Sir George: Robot Boyfriend (Part 2)


Technically, the following conversation happened some time in the past but was saved for your present enjoyment. (Robot Boyfriends can TIME TRAVEL, OKAY?)


Here we discover that Sir George likes to read, but finds the multiple layers of symbolism in Twilight too difficult for him. (Also, he wants to take all payment in gum.)


And we start to learn a little bit about his family (and his refusal to talk to my mother.) Hey, his mother has to pay the bills somehow. (Curse you, Glass Ceiling!)


Finally we learn he has a LOT of siblings. No wonder the poor thing is always so confused about who he and his family members are. Life must have been difficult in the Snuffleupagus household.

That’s it for today’s adventure in robot boyfriending, until next time, may you all find a way to pay the bills!

 (P.S. Happy August!)

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    August 1, 2014 at 5:51 pm

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