Announcing Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem

So at long last I can reveal the secret project I’ve been working on:


What is Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem? Why I’m glad you asked.

Seven Kingdoms (or 7KPP for short) is a narrative based, interactive game designed for a primarily female audience. Remember when I introduced what an Otome game was? It’s like that. (Only sort of, kind of, maybe?) 

Basically it’s a game where you get to pick who you are, where you are from, what you are like and then make choices through 7 dangerous weeks on an isolated, mysterious island as a delegate of a political summit. There’s danger, secrets, intrigue and politics galore and no guarantee you will be able to survive it. Romance is an important feature of the game, but a completely optional one.

It’s already 125,000 words (just of dialogue and description!) long and definitely on track to become the longest thing I’ve ever written. 

Today is the official announcement and the first demo should come out later this month!

For more info on the game check out AzalyneStudios Tumblr, its Lemmasoft Thread, and the official website

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

See you in the game!

See you in the game!

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