Zarad’s Interview

Zarad, what color are your unmentionables?
Who says I wear any? 😉
did you actively want to attend the summit, or were you required to attend by the crown?
And turn down the chance to meet so many charming new ladies? Of course I was willing.
Hey Zarad, any comments on your recent overwhelming win as the summit attendee voted most likely to be the best in bed?
A gentleman never tells.
-Have you ever read the Corval Satires?
I’m not sure anyone in the Corval Court has not. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the author.
-How do you feel about hugs?
That depends entirely on the circumstances in question.
-If you could turn into any animal – but only one – what animal do you think you would be?
I would rather not turn into an animal at all. What an odd question…
What do you want to be known for, and how would you like to be remembered?
I’m perfectly fine with history forgetting me entirely.
What changes (if any) would you like to see in your country?
Change is a dangerous and difficult thing to wish for in Corval. And I am not known for doing difficult things.
What advice would your give to any delegate, or anyone who wants to be a delegate?
Be careful what you wish for.
What are your views on Katyia? Do you think her ideas for a Summit are outdated? Or still realistic?
I think she sounds like a very interesting lady. I’m sad I will never get to meet her. I bet she was a fantastic flirt.
What do you think are the odds of the Emperor declaring war on Hise? And what would you do to prevent it, assuming you actually want it prevented.
I think the chances are very good if my oldest brother gets his way. Preventing such things is out of the purview of useless prince like me, don’t you think?
Hypothetically, if there were an international group of chronic political meddlers, and they invited you to join, what would you say?
I’m not much of a joiner.
Describe each of your siblings in one sentence. Siblings-in-law welcome!
My oldest brother is ruthlessly ambitious. My second oldest brother is too kind for his own good. My younger sister is a delightful terror. My sister in law is a pitiable soul.
Would you describe your childhood as a happy one?
Which royal could honestly answer that in the positive?
Zarad, how long do you take to get ready in the morning? Especially with all that glorious hair of yours.
My private time is mine to know and yours to possibly someday if you are lucky find out.
Any favourite pick-up lines?
I don’t require any. Women tend to come to me first.
What do you think of Louise the Llama?
I’m sure she’s a delightful lady, but that is a rather unfortunate nickname.
You seem to be good at reading people – How can you tell whether or not a delegate is good at the Game?
I’m not sure which game you are referring to, but in my experience the only true test of what kind of game player someone is is to play against them.
Why are you the trouble maker?
It’s a gift. I was simply born with it.
Do you have any non-half siblings?
I do not.
If you could pick the ideal husband for Sina, what type of man would he be?
If I had my way Sina would not marry anyone. But it won’t be my choice, it will be hers. And so it will have to be some poor sot who can both interest her and tolerate her.
As someone who’s really shy, do you have any advice on how to become more confident in yourself?
The secret to confidence isn’t having it. It’s faking it. As long as you pretend people will act like you are, which in turn will make you feel like your confidence is more and more real.
Most interesting delegate at the Summit? Well, okay, yeah. Second most interesting delegate, then.
Why you, of course. I swear, every conversation we have it’s like you are an entirely different person. It’s hard to keep up sometimes.

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