Zarad’s Interview

Zarad, what color are your unmentionables?
Who says I wear any? 😉
did you actively want to attend the summit, or were you required to attend by the crown?
And turn down the chance to meet so many charming new ladies? Of course I was willing.
Hey Zarad, any comments on your recent overwhelming win as the summit attendee voted most likely to be the best in bed?
A gentleman never tells.
-Have you ever read the Corval Satires?
I’m not sure anyone in the Corval Court has not. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the author.
-How do you feel about hugs?
That depends entirely on the circumstances in question.
-If you could turn into any animal – but only one – what animal do you think you would be?
I would rather not turn into an animal at all. What an odd question…
What do you want to be known for, and how would you like to be remembered?
I’m perfectly fine with history forgetting me entirely.
What changes (if any) would you like to see in your country?
Change is a dangerous and difficult thing to wish for in Corval. And I am not known for doing difficult things.
What advice would your give to any delegate, or anyone who wants to be a delegate?
Be careful what you wish for.
What are your views on Katyia? Do you think her ideas for a Summit are outdated? Or still realistic?
I think she sounds like a very interesting lady. I’m sad I will never get to meet her. I bet she was a fantastic flirt.
What do you think are the odds of the Emperor declaring war on Hise? And what would you do to prevent it, assuming you actually want it prevented.
I think the chances are very good if my oldest brother gets his way. Preventing such things is out of the purview of useless prince like me, don’t you think?
Hypothetically, if there were an international group of chronic political meddlers, and they invited you to join, what would you say?
I’m not much of a joiner.
Describe each of your siblings in one sentence. Siblings-in-law welcome!
My oldest brother is ruthlessly ambitious. My second oldest brother is too kind for his own good. My younger sister is a delightful terror. My sister in law is a pitiable soul.
Would you describe your childhood as a happy one?
Which royal could honestly answer that in the positive?
Zarad, how long do you take to get ready in the morning? Especially with all that glorious hair of yours.
My private time is mine to know and yours to possibly someday if you are lucky find out.
Any favourite pick-up lines?
I don’t require any. Women tend to come to me first.
What do you think of Louise the Llama?
I’m sure she’s a delightful lady, but that is a rather unfortunate nickname.
You seem to be good at reading people – How can you tell whether or not a delegate is good at the Game?
I’m not sure which game you are referring to, but in my experience the only true test of what kind of game player someone is is to play against them.
Why are you the trouble maker?
It’s a gift. I was simply born with it.
Do you have any non-half siblings?
I do not.
If you could pick the ideal husband for Sina, what type of man would he be?
If I had my way Sina would not marry anyone. But it won’t be my choice, it will be hers. And so it will have to be some poor sot who can both interest her and tolerate her.
As someone who’s really shy, do you have any advice on how to become more confident in yourself?
The secret to confidence isn’t having it. It’s faking it. As long as you pretend people will act like you are, which in turn will make you feel like your confidence is more and more real.
Most interesting delegate at the Summit? Well, okay, yeah. Second most interesting delegate, then.
Why you, of course. I swear, every conversation we have it’s like you are an entirely different person. It’s hard to keep up sometimes.

Lyon’s Interview

Thank you to everyone for submitting your questions! We finally succeeding in cornering Lyon in the library and holding his books hostage until he agreed to answer some of your questions. Without further ado, here is Lyon’s interview.


What’s your favorite area of study?

“…I have to pick?”

Have you ever written a poem for the MC?


Besides your intelligence, knowledge and intuition do you have any other skills?

“Strategic avoidance.”

What is the thing you like best about your country? IF there is one thing you could change about Jiyel what would it be?

“The libraries. Second question: move it further away from people.”

Who, among the other delegates, seems the most trustworthy? Who, among hte other delegates, seems the least trustworthy?

“…None of them are trustworthy. People aren’t trustworthy.”

How do you feel about your fellow delegates?

A “I do them to the courtesy I wish they would show me and don’t spend my time thinking about them.”

Do you have any pets?

“I’m not suited to keeping a entirely dependent creature alive.”

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say the word, “Necessary?”


First impression of Avalie and Falon?

“Bearable and boring.”

If you could go home without any repercussions, right now, would you?

(if in relationship with MC) “…no.”

(Otherwise) “…yes.” *Glares at you for asking a mean question that isn’t possible.*

What are your short-term goals, and long-term ambitions?

“Learn. Learn.”

Which book is the most comfortable to fall asleep on?

“One with a soft cover.”

If you could only have one sense(touch, taste, sight, etc) which would it be?


Thoughts on children/babies in general?

“Necessary for the propagation of the species. Don’t belong in libraries.”

Do you have any advice for us students who are still undecided what career or profession we want to pursue?

“Try many different things. Knowledge is never wasted and then you can make an informed decision. Also, never let anyone let anyone else tell you or decide for you what you should. You are always going to be the best expert on yourself.”

 What was your opinion on the matchmaker and your interviews with her?

“She’s interesting. The interviews were a bother.”

As a man who detests “The Game,” do you have any tips on how to survive it?

“’Research, avoidance and strategic retreats.”

 How do you feel having so many adoring fans, Lyon?

“…It’s a trick.”

What color are your unmentionables?


Are you farsighted or nearsighted?

“Physically or mentally? One of each.”

 Have you ever written any papers/books yourself?

“Numerous. You can ask my secretary for copies.”

If you had access to a polyjuice potion, (to not mix lores, it could be called “a potion that could turn you into anyone else”) what would you do?

“Dose Blain. Anyone else would be an improvement.”

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck, could chuck, wood?

“I require more information. What is a woodchuck? What is the size of its teeth? What kind of wood? Why doesn’t it normally chuck wood? Why did they name it the woodchuck? Please write back with more information.”

Of the other delegates, who do you ship?

“Off the Island? Most of them.”

 What is the most important quality in a person/ quality you admire most (and may not have)?


Has there ever been a being, whether rock, tree, or animal, in whom you could confide?

“Confiding in rocks sounds like an excellent idea. Thank you for the suggestion. Should a sudden and inexplicable desire to confide overcome me, I now have a practical solution.”

Something you are afraid of? or something that scared you when you were little?

“Distraught maidens.”

Behind the Scenes 1: Character Design

This behind the scenes post was suggested by alpha backer 

Honestly, I kind of wish I could send past me some messages and let her know that someday I was going to be writing this series of behind the scenes posts and it would be really nice if I took better notes/remembered some of the early design process more clearly.

Because so much has happened since I first envisioned 7KPP that some stuff is a blur. So, sadly, you are stuck with my blurry memory on some things. But luckily, I saved the character sketches so at least those will be an accurate representation of the process.

Jasper's Final Sketch

Jasper’s Final Sketch

Part One: Characters are Born and Grow (aka my part)

So one of the very first things I do when I’m coming up with a new project is figuring out the characters that live in that world and what they want. I’m pretty sure that was step 3 in how 7KPP’s formation process. (Step one: basic premise, step two: all about the MC and the various MCs and how the variation was going to play into everything- that took a long time and was complex, it definitely could be its own post.)

So I started to think about what kind of characters the game was going to need. To do that, they started out being very basic character sketches.

Hamin, for instance, charming pirate troublemaker.

Lyon? Super introverted genius nerd.

Ana? Warrior princess.


Jasper’s initial design.

Once I had the basic idea of what ‘role’ they were going to fill, it was a matter of making them feel ‘real’ to me. Which means giving them motivations, pasts, secrets and so on.

Of course all the planning in the world isn’t what really makes a character real to me. For me, a lot of that happens as a discovery process. The more I write a character, the better I get to know and understand them.

I often plot when things are going to happen i.e. “Week 1 date – get to know” but I almost never know what is going to happen during that date/goal/whatever until I am writing it.

The better I get to know a character, the more complicated they tend to become.

(I won’t give details but some characters have much more nuanced pasts/traumas/goals etc. because I was trying to understand them/like them better.)

A good example of my feelings toward a character shaping their backstories is the Widow!MC. At first, I really struggled with writing her scenes. So with each scene she was in talking about her past, I ended up creating more nuance and conflict. I became much more empathetic towards her and starting liking her much more as a character.

Part Two: Making them Pretty (Bana’s part)

Now where does the actual character design come into play?

Honestly, I hate descriptions. I’m terrible at them. I kind of would be happier if I never had to say anything describing people ever.

(Anyone who has read my tumblr asks will know this. Same with details, locations and keeping track of said details, descriptions, and locations haha.)

So in the original part of the game (which went for a long time without any character art) I just had a short description at the start of the game and ignored it from then on.

When a miracle happened and I found Bana, I just gave her those descriptions as well as much more detailed descriptions about their personalities and roles.

From there the process was pretty easy on my part.

Several paragraphs of frustratingly vague description — get pretty, pretty sketches – occasional request changes — Bana does magic. (I’m sure it was much harder on her end)

I would say in most cases, the sketches and the final products ended up pretty similar.

But here is how the process went:

Step One: I get the initial sketch:

(For instance, here is the original design for Emmett)


Then I either approved it or requested some changes. In this case, I asked for the design on his undershirt to be adjusted a little and for his face to, I believe I asked for “be more puppy like”

So then I would get an adjusted sketch:

em3 clar 2

At which point I approved it (or requested more changes)

Here’s some more examples of initial sketches, and adjusted sketches (some of which went on to be changed again.)



And it went into design stage two: Colors.


As you can see, some things were adjusted since then and some have stayed the same 🙂

Once I made any necessary adjustments (for instance, there is no such thing as green hair in the 7KPP world, we got the final coloring and then the final stage of expressions.


And there you have it. that’s how the characters of 7KPP were designed and born 🙂

(This story would be more interesting if there had been any drastic changes, but not so much. Some design changes, and characters certainly became more well-rounded as the writing went on, but there was never a time when Hamin was actually a cry-baby who wanted to follow all the rules, for instance.)

Seven Kingdoms Valentines Character Poll PART TWO~

Since it’s come to my attention that some people are being locked out of voting while others aren’t, in order to make it fair we are now going to run *two* polls and have *two* winners. The total votes poll and the single vote poll. This poll will (theoretically) only allow one vote per person.

So lets try this again, yay~


Seven Kingdoms Valentines Character Poll

Yay~ It’s time for the promised Valentines Day Poll!

Here’s how it works: 

Vote for whatever character you want to win. You can vote as many times as you want! The polls will be open for a week. At the end of the week whichever delegate has the most votes will have a short POV story written about how they felt before leaving for the Summit. (Depending on the votes and the passion of the various teams, I might make several even shorter runner up POVs.) The stories will be posted for Valentines Day.

Two rules: play nice and have fun!

Now go ahead and vote for your favorite ❤



Announcing Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem

So at long last I can reveal the secret project I’ve been working on:


What is Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem? Why I’m glad you asked.

Seven Kingdoms (or 7KPP for short) is a narrative based, interactive game designed for a primarily female audience. Remember when I introduced what an Otome game was? It’s like that. (Only sort of, kind of, maybe?) 

Basically it’s a game where you get to pick who you are, where you are from, what you are like and then make choices through 7 dangerous weeks on an isolated, mysterious island as a delegate of a political summit. There’s danger, secrets, intrigue and politics galore and no guarantee you will be able to survive it. Romance is an important feature of the game, but a completely optional one.

It’s already 125,000 words (just of dialogue and description!) long and definitely on track to become the longest thing I’ve ever written. 

Today is the official announcement and the first demo should come out later this month!

For more info on the game check out AzalyneStudios Tumblr, its Lemmasoft Thread, and the official website

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

See you in the game!

See you in the game!

Quick update~

I can finally spill the details of my secret project~ Yay! I’ll do that in the next post (all formal like)

So I thought first I would be informal and apologize for bad blogging (again!) I’ve been busy working about stuff that I couldn’t (yet) talk about and…well, procrastinating on blogging in general.

So updates: The Secret Project! And… not much else. Lots of plague, lots of Dragon Age Inquisition (yay DA game!) and OMG I CANT BELIEVE ITS ALREADY THE END OF THE YEAR. WHERE DID THE TIME GO? DOES THE FACT I DON’T KNOW OFFICIALLY MAKE ME OLD?!?!

Have an apology gif:


And a yay! Secret Project at last gif:


In which I live again!

Sorry for the period of silence, it’s been a bit of a series of (minor) unfortunate events around here. But all is well.

Some minor life updates:

-Frankenstein has a new shiny silver replacement that I ambitiously named Lucky. So far it hasn’t lived up to it’s name.

-Windows 8 is now the bane of my computer existence. I have been known to shake my fist at the heavens and yell ‘Curse you, Windows 8!’

-It’s almost my birthday, I almost can’t remember what it’s like to be excited to get older. Does this officially make me an Old? (Nooooo, irresponsible teenager forever!)

-DRAGON AGE INQUISITION CAN’T COME QUICKLY ENOUGH (my family advises me against going into the future to get a copy, because I could accidentally start a plague with future germs and in the current era a digital copy wouldn’t work ahead of it’s release date anyway. Yes, this was an actual conversation we had.)

-People who go to library book sales on opening night are INTENSE people. Also books are very heavy when they are stuffed in bags in the hundreds.

-There has been an exciting development in the SECRET PROJECT. I am very excited. We will unveil the veil of secrecy on the project soon. 

One of the things I was doing when I was not posting here was I came up with an idea for a new story. I don’t know when I will work on it for real/finish it, but for now I wrote the beginning. As a special forgive me for not posting present, I present my very first snippet of this brand new book tentatively called ‘Any Planet But Here’

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Frankenstein’s Laptop: A Eulogy

Your regularly scheduled programming has been interrupted by the untimely and tragic demise of Aly’s Laptop. 


For five years you have been my constant companion. You slept next to my bed, went with me on trips, and spent time with me every day. 

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The English Otome Game Guide for Beginners Part Five : Recommendations – Handheld

Welcome back to the English Otome game guide! Today we are going to be making a brief sojourn into the world of handheld (meaning in this case psp/vita and ds/3ds) otome games. Actually not just otome games (because to my knowledge there are only two proper english otome games released for handheld) but otome-adjacent games. Meaning games that have some of the same elements and might be fun for people who like otome games to play.

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four)

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