Lyon’s Interview

Thank you to everyone for submitting your questions! We finally succeeding in cornering Lyon in the library and holding his books hostage until he agreed to answer some of your questions. Without further ado, here is Lyon’s interview.


What’s your favorite area of study?

“…I have to pick?”

Have you ever written a poem for the MC?


Besides your intelligence, knowledge and intuition do you have any other skills?

“Strategic avoidance.”

What is the thing you like best about your country? IF there is one thing you could change about Jiyel what would it be?

“The libraries. Second question: move it further away from people.”

Who, among the other delegates, seems the most trustworthy? Who, among hte other delegates, seems the least trustworthy?

“…None of them are trustworthy. People aren’t trustworthy.”

How do you feel about your fellow delegates?

A “I do them to the courtesy I wish they would show me and don’t spend my time thinking about them.”

Do you have any pets?

“I’m not suited to keeping a entirely dependent creature alive.”

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say the word, “Necessary?”


First impression of Avalie and Falon?

“Bearable and boring.”

If you could go home without any repercussions, right now, would you?

(if in relationship with MC) “…no.”

(Otherwise) “…yes.” *Glares at you for asking a mean question that isn’t possible.*

What are your short-term goals, and long-term ambitions?

“Learn. Learn.”

Which book is the most comfortable to fall asleep on?

“One with a soft cover.”

If you could only have one sense(touch, taste, sight, etc) which would it be?


Thoughts on children/babies in general?

“Necessary for the propagation of the species. Don’t belong in libraries.”

Do you have any advice for us students who are still undecided what career or profession we want to pursue?

“Try many different things. Knowledge is never wasted and then you can make an informed decision. Also, never let anyone let anyone else tell you or decide for you what you should. You are always going to be the best expert on yourself.”

 What was your opinion on the matchmaker and your interviews with her?

“She’s interesting. The interviews were a bother.”

As a man who detests “The Game,” do you have any tips on how to survive it?

“’Research, avoidance and strategic retreats.”

 How do you feel having so many adoring fans, Lyon?

“…It’s a trick.”

What color are your unmentionables?


Are you farsighted or nearsighted?

“Physically or mentally? One of each.”

 Have you ever written any papers/books yourself?

“Numerous. You can ask my secretary for copies.”

If you had access to a polyjuice potion, (to not mix lores, it could be called “a potion that could turn you into anyone else”) what would you do?

“Dose Blain. Anyone else would be an improvement.”

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck, could chuck, wood?

“I require more information. What is a woodchuck? What is the size of its teeth? What kind of wood? Why doesn’t it normally chuck wood? Why did they name it the woodchuck? Please write back with more information.”

Of the other delegates, who do you ship?

“Off the Island? Most of them.”

 What is the most important quality in a person/ quality you admire most (and may not have)?


Has there ever been a being, whether rock, tree, or animal, in whom you could confide?

“Confiding in rocks sounds like an excellent idea. Thank you for the suggestion. Should a sudden and inexplicable desire to confide overcome me, I now have a practical solution.”

Something you are afraid of? or something that scared you when you were little?

“Distraught maidens.”

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