Frankenstein’s Laptop: A Eulogy

Your regularly scheduled programming has been interrupted by the untimely and tragic demise of Aly’s Laptop. 


For five years you have been my constant companion. You slept next to my bed, went with me on trips, and spent time with me every day. 

Together we visited and created different worlds, struggled through Spanish homework, and spent way, way too much time on the internets. 

You were, quite frankly, my preciousesss. I would stroke you and guard you jealously when anyone wanted to borrow you. If there was a fire, you were one of the few things I was planning on bringing out with me. You know that, the one time the Firemen were ready to ask us to evacuate that complex, you were packed and ready to go. 

You stuck with me a long time, even when piece by piece you started to break and need work arounds, granting you the moniker by which you are now immortalized. I didn’t need a working CD drive, or working sound jacks, or a working down button. I needed you. And you needed some working internal part that is no longer with us. 

So here’s to you, Frankenstein and all the good times and bad times and time wasting times we shared together. May you be at peace in the big junk pile in the sky. 

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